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World Cup 2022: Griezmann’s amazing goals and a smooth victory for France

The French national football team beat Finland 2-0 at home in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday and consolidated its position at the top of Group D. And in the other match, Bosnia and Herzegovina did not have Kazakhstan, and the guests saved a goal in the 95th minute (2-2).

Antoine Griezmann won the match with two goals (Photo: AFP)

France-Finland 2-0

After five straight draws – including a painful early relegation to the Champions League – France wanted to embark on a new journey in Lyon, and in that spirit took the lead midway through the first half. The “Blues” had attacked more until then, and in the 24th minute after Karim Benzema’s beautiful preparation Antoine Griezmann Placed on the left at the bottom left with great movement.

At the start of the second half, Flash Benzema reopened the action on the right flank – the Real striker hit two defenders with a superb trick – and from Lyon Dubois. Griezmann From an acute angle, goalkeeper Lukas Hradiki wore a short corner kick.

Few stats: Griezmann scored 41 goals for the national team to catch up with Michel Platini in third place in the permanent French standings. At the top is Thierry Henry with 51, followed by Olivier Giroud with 46.

The game became more balanced in his hair, but the Finns could not beautify it. Lyon fans only regretted one thing: the star of his former team, Benzema, although he played well and was in both goals, he did not score alone.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kazakhstan 2-2

Zenica did not score in the first half, but the second half is fast – Kazakhstan took a surprising lead after a corner kick Islamic niches Push the ball into the goal closely. Miralem Pjanic From punishment imposed after a videotape, an equation at the beginning of poetry, and soon one of the alternatives, Luca Minalo He also finished off the home team’s goal that promised to win. But the victory did not come to Jeko: in the 95th minute Baktigar Zagnotzhinov Free kick equation!

Zajnutgyuinov’s goal

European international qualifications
Round 6

group d

France – Finland 2-0 (Griezmann 24., 53.)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kazakhstan 2-2 (Pjanic 74.-11-esbÅ‘l, Menalo 86., ill. Kuat 52., Zajnutgyinov 90 + 5.)

Group D . status
1. France 6 3 3 8-3 +5 12
2. Ukraine 5 5 6-6 0 5
3. Finland 4 1 2 1 4-5 -1 5
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 3 1 5-6 -1 3
5. Kazakhstan 5 3 2 5-8 -3 3