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World Cup Candidates Tournament: Harmony has been reintegrated into an exciting job

Richard Rapport also remixed for the fifth time in a row at the World Championships in Madrid. After three hours of playing, the Hungarian great teacher agreed with American Fabiano Caruana to score points.

Richard Renser played another cartoon (Photo: AFP, archive)

“It was prime time in two years. In playing strength, it’s the best in the entire field, but it’s just that
He’s been missing something recently.”
He said About Fabiano Caruana Zoltan Gimese, Olympic silver medalist, former Hungarian champion and world champion nominee.

Well, Caruana started the tournament in Madrid well, Raoul Richard Against the runner-up, he sat at the table and took a win without a defeat. Their tongue was tipped towards the American, and Rapport grabbed him three times, played a tie with him the same number of times, winning once.

At the Madrid meeting, both actively moved with the leader, and a small mistake was enough to make the party decide – a rather interesting fusion situation developed, in which the players finally agreed to redistribute after 24 moves. You can watch the party by clicking here.

The great Hungarian coach has played a tie in all five meetings so far and is in the middle. He plays with darkness again on Thursday, and his Azeri opponent Timur Rasapov (Rajbov) It will be.

Chess, World Championship, Madrid
Round 5

Fabiano Caruana (US 2783) – Richard Report (2764) tied
Hikaru Nakamura (American, 2760) – tied by Yan Nepomnyashi (Russian, 2766)
Alireza Firouzja (French, 2793) – tied by Jan Krzysztof Duda (Polish, 2750)
Timur Rasapov (Rejbov, Azerbaijan, 2753) – Ting Li Jin (Chinese, 2806) – still going
the work: 1. Nyepomnyaschij 3.5 points, 2. Caruana 3, 3. Rapport, Duda and Nakamura 2.5-2.5, Firouzja 2 – Ting Li-gen and Racabov still play

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