Boris Johnson’s government will resettle people from economic refugees who have landed in the UK in Africa.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference that some of the asylum seekers would be resettled in Rwanda as a possible solution to the migration problem. Reuters reported. Johnson launched the initiative in a speech on Thursday in Kent, southeast England – where thousands of refugees landed in small boats off the coast last year.

Meanwhile, British Home Secretary Prithi Patel visited Rwanda where she answered questions about the reception center at a joint press conference with the Rwandan foreign minister. Members of the press were also taken around the guest house known as “Hope” to house the refugees.

A government minister said the scheme is aimed at single youths. “These are mainly male economic migrants,” said Simon Hart, the foreign secretary for Wales For Sky News. “There are other issues with women and children,” he added.

More than 28,000 migrants and refugees entered Britain from continental Europe last year. Migrants arriving in rickety boats have fueled tensions between France and Britain, particularly in November when 27 migrants drowned after their boats capsized.

Johnson said the plan was a sign of his commitment to voters who supported his Brexit campaign.

Meanwhile, the British prime minister has faced fresh calls to resign after being fined by police for attending a birthday party in June 2020, when socializing was completely banned under pandemic rules imposed by his government. According to the opposition, the government wants to divert attention from this with a refugee resettlement program, Reuters reported.

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An earlier idea by the British navy to turn away ships carrying refugees was rejected by the army. According to media reports, the British government is considering asylum seekers in disused oil fields or in countries such as Moldova, Papua New Guinea and remote offshore areas in the South Atlantic.

Rwanda has reportedly pioneered such a plan despite Britain raising concerns over human rights abuses in the country last year.


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