The number of second-degree coronavirus vaccines given in the UK has surpassed 15 million. The number of first and second levels managed so far is close to 50 million.

Corona virus – second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese officials reported a new, fast-spreading virus to the WHO. Since then, there has been hardly a person in the world who has not heard the word Covid-19, and mourns a relative or friend for many weeks, with whom the new disease ends, while in weeks the reserves collapse and our whole life is rewritten by the epidemic. Now, vaccinations are complete, which not only raises a lot of questions of hope, but at the same time threatens another mutation, not just stopping the virus. Details of this fight can be found in our series of articles.

According to data released by the UK Department of Health on Sunday evening, 34,505,380 people have received the first dose since the UK vaccine campaign began on December 8, of which 15,329,617 have received the second dose, for a total of 49,834,997 doses of the corona virus vaccine administered in the UK.

In the coming days, chances are early Monday that the number of first and second vaccines will exceed 50 million because the current pace of the vaccination program is allowing more than half a million people on average to receive the first or second vaccine daily.

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UK health officials are currently focusing on getting as high a dose as possible to give a second dose to those who have a maximum of 12 weeks between the two doses allowed by the UK government.

This is clear from the data: the number of first-dose doses administered daily in March was more than 700,000 – the previous daily record of 752,308 first-dose doses administered on March 20 – but now the number of second doses administered daily is about 400,000, with the first portions being about 140,000.

The ministry said on Sunday that 14 people had died of Govt-19 disease due to corona virus infection in the last 24 hours and 110 people had died in the week ending Sunday. The weekly death toll was 31.2 percent lower than the number of deaths recorded in the previous one-week period ending last Sunday.

At the height of the January wave of the second wave of corona virus outbreaks in the UK in January, there was a period of more than 1,800 deaths in a single day in Govt-19. Experts agree that the steep decline in acute morbidity and mortality rate clearly reflects the success of the vaccine campaign.

The British government announced last month that all members over the age of 50 and most vulnerable people have been vaccinated against the corona virus, and the British Public Health Service (NHS) in the UK now calls for people aged 40 and over.

The vaccination program was planned for people over the age of 50, as government programs included access to the corona virus vaccine for these people by April 15. But this goal was accomplished on April 13th.

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The UK government’s next goal is to get the entire British adult population – about 52.7 million people – to get the first dose of the corona virus vaccine by July 31.

However, the comprehensive start-up schedule created on June 21, one month ago, provides for the almost complete elimination of controls aimed at controlling the corona virus infection, completing the set of epidemiological conditions created for this purpose.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb told a BBC television political press conference on Sunday: Britain is on track to get life back to the “very close to normal” cycle. However, he said some precautions, such as wearing a mask or keeping distance, may continue after June 21.

The British government also announced on Sunday that it would donate 1,000 ventilators to India, which has been hit hardest by the worst epidemic.

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