The French and Russian presidents spoke on the phone. The latter said the Western allies had ignored Moscow’s core concerns.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed by phone, Friday, the need to ease tensions over Ukraine, according to a statement issued on reconciliation between politicians. During the phone conversation, the two presidents also agreed that Paris and Moscow would continue the four-person diplomatic dialogue in the Normandy format to ease tensions.

According to the French presidential office, “President Putin has stated that he has no offensive intentions, has made it clear that he does not want confrontation, that he wants to continue dialogue, and considers it particularly important to continue implementing the Minsk Agreement. . “

After the conversation, Putin said Russia would respond only after careful consideration of the US and NATO response to its security needs, but it was already clear that the Western allies had ignored Moscow’s core concerns.

According to the Kremlin press service, Putin complained that the responses did not take into account Russian demands such as halting further NATO expansion, refusing to deploy offensive weapons near Russia’s borders, and restoring the bloc’s European military and infrastructure capabilities in 1997. – Signing the Basic Agreement with Russia .

“The main issue of how the United States and its allies want to adhere to the principle of indivisibility of security enshrined in the basic documents between the OSCE, Russia and NATO, which states that no one can enhance their security in other countries, has also been overlooked. at the expense of its security.”

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According to the press service of the Russian Presidential Office, the parties also spoke about the fight against the novel coronavirus, but the main topic of discussion between Putin and Macron was the question of long-term, legally defined security guarantees, including Russian-American guarantees. Geneva talks and Russian-American talks in Brussels.


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