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World Record in Love – Long Katinka and Máté Gelencsér

When I did this interview, everyone was already talking about the aquatic weeds in Budapest, thinking about the chances of results we can expect from our athletes and swimming stars. We spoke to three-time Olympic champion Katinka and her partner, Matthew, who shared their story with us between two training sessions.

Máté Gelencsér

How did this meet? Here was a charming lady, one of the country’s favorites, the most popular sportswoman right after the divorce, came a person whom the professionals hardly knew, and in one fell swoop he became her coach, her direct friend, soon after her love and then her fiancé .. How did things turn out so quickly and unexpectedly ?

I’ve lived abroad for the past 15 years, so I had no idea how classic Katinka would turn out to be during that time. I lived in Australia, Milan, Paris, America, Shanghai and Africa, among other places, while I heard briefly that the beautiful little girl I had seen several times in the pool at that time had become a successful swimmer, but I had no idea that she was one of the biggest in the world. I came home for a short time, then stayed longer due to other family activities and met Katinka. We were so happy to see each other again after all this time, to reminisce about the previous pool, and at the end of the party we changed our phone number so we wouldn’t have to wait another fifteen years for the next meeting. A few days later, we met on Easter Sunday.

I think this is another world record! I don’t know Katinka at all as if she would easily open up, make friends… It’s up to you to conquer Mount Blanc.

I think he’s only been disappointed by a lot of people in recent years, and that made him far enough, and there were quite a few attacks on his person at the time.
I would add, he did a lot for it… He didn’t try to fit in, be smooth. The legend of Vaslade did not arouse sympathy in many people …

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I know this was invented by a foreign magazine.

With his unwavering personality, fanaticism and results, he was a completely new and incomparable phenomenon in the world of swimmers. The role of Faseldi then provided him protection in many ways, a shield that did not harm him spiritually, to fight with passion what he had set before him, and thus perhaps one of the most prominent figures in the history of sport.
I didn’t know him at the time, and now he’s starting to find himself entirely. It took time and life experience to find himself and unfold, imagining himself while he could live his freedom.

Tell me, what does such a troubled man who travels the world have to offer to gain the trust of a young girl with such a sensitive soul? to accept you as such?

Honestly, I didn’t even think about it. I always gave myself up, I expected that too from him, I always accepted him because I had never loved the mathematical genius in him, but the great companion, the understanding man, the wonderful woman, and I always approached him as a man in love. This was a given.

Didn’t it take some special recklessness to assume you’d be your coach, too? What can you say about one of the best players in the world? Where do you breathe?

He trains partly with me and partly with my father. Look, no one is better at swimming than Katinka, no one is better at swimming, no more than himself. It’s not about making a workout plan for him or taking him off the beach for a workout, but rather giving advice and giving advice, but mostly praising what he deserves most, because he can fit in so well even with such a bulky athlete.

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This may be a bad question, but Katinka has already won everything, achieved what is possible in this sport, but over time, a number of talented, “ruthless” young men came along. Why do you think he is still swimming? Why stand on the stepping stone? Why expose yourself to failure?

As cool as he is, he still loves swimming and racing just as much as he did at his first year in the novice or inaccessible world. Still driven by the same inner fire and passion, it is equally important for him to make the most of himself.

Tell me, what do you think made Katinka a bigger swimmer than anyone else? Is it a physical or mental gift? How do you see what talent it could really be?

One could list physical endowments, and spiritual positives such as diligence, will, perseverance, and a strong desire to win, and all of this is true, but I would like to highlight a special ability: his remarkable ability to make decisions. That in every questionable situation he touches the point with lightning speed and almost unequivocally. Neither meditate, nor vacillate, nor waver, as sometimes with each of us, we do not lose time and energy by weighing one way or the other, but instinctively find the best or only the best solution.

long katinka

Katinka, how the hell did you meet Matthew? You lived elsewhere, sought prosperity in other ways, and then suddenly your ways crossed…

Have you asked Matthew about this yet?