Once again, the Green Party ranked first in the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party Christian Social Union (CSU) in the party’s popularity ranking in Germany, as several polls showed.

According to a poll by Bild am Sonntag Sunday, national voter support for the Greens rose to 28 percent after the party decided without public debate and major internal struggles, and then announced that it would break the practice of leading the federal candidate. In the parliamentary election campaign (the Bundestag), Co-Chair Analina Burbuk will be the leader.

The 28 per cent represents an increase of 6 percentage points from 22 per cent the previous week, the highest value in the history of measurements by German polling firm Emnid, part of the British multinational market research firm Kantar.

For decades, the CDU / CSU party won first place in polls and the Bundestag elections, respectively. Kantar Emnid took second place, according to new data, with support dropping two percentage points to 27 percent in a week. In the intervening days between the two analysts, the party alliance shut down a public debate over the chancellor’s candidate, which involved a serious internal struggle, and decided that the president of the CDU, Armin Laschet, would be their candidate in the Bundestag elections on 26 September. CSU President Marcus Söder Kahn would take over, too.

And according to another survey by the Forsa Institute which conducts opinion polls commissioned by RTL, the Greens are also Germany’s strongest party. By chance, their support stands at 28 percent – up 5 percentage points in one week – while the CDU / Christian Social Union stands at 21 percent, weakening by 7 percentage points.

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For the second time, the Greens outperformed CDU / CSU in several polls simultaneously. It ranked first in the weeks following the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

In addition to the Greens and the CDU / CSU, the number three political force, the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), has already nominated a candidate for chancellor. The Social Democrats, who rule with CDU / CSU, will be led by Deputy Treasury Secretary Olaf Schultz in the campaign. Of the three candidates, Analina Burbuk is also the most popular, according to Qantar Emnid and Farca. If a chancellor could be elected directly, the Germans would vote 30-32 percent for the Greens candidate, 15-20 percent for Olaf Schultz, and 15-18 percent for Armin Laschet.

The unity of party, program, and candidate is essential to a successful election campaign. This has been achieved in the Green Party, but in the CDU / CSU party, the party coalition base does not accept the candidacy of Armin Laschet and there is no electoral platform, and the Social Democratic Party has the program and unity of candidates, but membership rejected Olaf Schultz in 2019. Andrea Romeli, researcher at the Institute explained University-wide political leadership training of the Hertie Public Benefit Foundation (Hertie School), by Bild am Sonntag.

He added that there are still five months before the Bundestag elections, stressing that an “extremely turbulent” election campaign can be expected.

According to Kantn Emnid and Forsa, of the Bundestag parties, only the Greens and CDU / CSU support has changed significantly in recent days. Other parties scored a change of 1-2 percentage points, with the Social Democratic Party reaching 13%, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party 9-12%, and the Alternative Opposition Party to the right of the Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union to Germany (AfD) by 10-11 percent, opposition D-Link (left) to the left of the Social Democratic Party stands at 7 percent.

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