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World Water Cup: Sometimes I have to educate myself – Christoph Melak

He finished the local swimming championships with two gold medals and the world record in the 200 butterfly, this time giving the opportunity to have a longer conversation with one of the swimming classics.

He enjoyed all the advantages of the local track: the Hungarian public was grateful for two golds from Melac and the world record (Photo: ATTILA TÖRÖK)
Photo: Caroly Orvay

“She’s so chic in that jacket.”
“I hired him to be one,” Christoph Milak (BHSE) replied after Monday’s press conference.

– He does not like media hype, but the question is why, since he has reasonable ideas, he is a successful athlete, and in fact, this is the time when we celebrate you.
“I know all this, and also you do your job, just like me in the pool.” I also had to make myself aware that at this time I am speaking to you, in fact I am speaking to tens, even hundreds of thousands of people who support me – either on the spot or in front of the TV screen. But I find it difficult when the quality of the questions does not reach a certain level…

“Are you taking it that bad?”
“It really hurts when I get the wrong question.”

“What counts as a bad question?”
“I will write it to you one day, I promise.”

– Well, we agreed, but we also agree that as a professional athlete you need to learn to respond naturally to such questions, so that it does not turn out that Milak trained journalists again …
“I agree with that, too.” This situation isn’t easy for anyone, it often isn’t for me because I don’t always feel the words, the sentences, the more we say – no matter how many people ask, I can only say the same eight or ten times a year. That’s why, how should I describe it…, I don’t feel discredited, I just get bored.

“Well, you keep leveling up again and again. On the other hand, you can’t understand the curiosity we all want to know what the secret is?”
– I understand that too, the only problem is that although I am progressing in my sport, I don’t change much.

“Does it only grow in the pond?”
“yes.” However, I readily admit that I don’t develop as quickly as I do in swimming when it comes to interviews and statements.

“Then let’s have a little swim!” A few years ago, you said that at the end of elementary school, when your classmates were thinking about where they would continue their studies, it became increasingly clear to you that you envision your future in sports. Do you remember the moment, day or competition when you had to reach such a high level that you could become a true swimming classic?
I never wanted to be a person, I just wanted to feel good about myself, and feel good as I go through the development curve year after year, the steps that make me feel good. I love to experience development in sports.

Christoph Milak becomes the king of butterflies definitively: he won the 100th and 200th races at the World Championships in Budapest (Photo: MIKLÓS SZABÓ)
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‘This time does not mean only the result of time.’
– of course no! It covers the full setup, the constant rebooting, the difficulties and the attendant joys, of course these come mixed and alternate, and of course there’s more bad stuff in it, but that’s still the part of the sport that totally captured it. By rebooting, I don’t mean we just throw everything in the trash early in the season and try to get out of the mess, but instead, after a short break, I pick up almost where I left off.

– The restart after the Olympics was a little different from the previous ones, as the coach changed.
– For this reason alone, I had doubts when it turned out that Hungary would host the World Cup – I received pressure and encouragement from all sides, but I dismissed everything, as before, and focused only on myself. Now with my new coach Balaz Firth. The feeling was new to me, not in a bad way, but I also had a little uncertainty in myself, as I wasn’t following the well-established and well-established path, and the most important thing in these months for me and I was to get to know each other, to get used to it. After the World Cup, I can say that she did quite well.

– Just during the preparation, and we know this from you, your coach had at least six heart attacks, and you also revealed that you really need the Balázs Virth, and even more so when things don’t go the way you want them to, because then he can bury himself and even leave all this he goes.
– All this is still in me from the distant past, or not so far away, but in the few months I spent with Baláz, among other things, this has already been corrected: I have learned that if something goes wrong, do not leave all this to hell, But try to look for opportunities that I can solve – though it hurts, even though I don’t wake up as usual, even though I’m more tired mentally or physically, I am able to find those areas and tasks that I can do well, even If you are too tired. And in this case, despite the fact that I’m swimming very badly in training sessions, I still do the job, that is, I’m way ahead – also over others, and I also beat myself. Now I’ve learned that I try to do my best even when it’s really hard.

– Did you know this from Balázs Virth, or did his age and maturity bring about the change?
– There is nothing wrong.

“Do you feel it has changed?”
Yes, but I mostly use what I learn from the people around me. The problem is that at this level everything can no longer be solved instinctively… For this reason, I am forced to educate myself – and of course, if I make a leap in this area as well, the instinctive reaction, the solution from the gut, can come once other.

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“And he really loves the latter.”
“In fact.” But I say, I’m learning, this is definitely some kind of preparation year, I want to use this time to prepare for the next six or eight years in this field.

“Of course you can fill yourself with eternal dissatisfaction – has it always been like this?”
– Yes, I believe in this: doubt and dissatisfaction drive you forward.

“But have you ever been in a competition or swimming and patted your back?”
– It should be like this, I just need to remind these things … I usually talk about such things in interviews after the current swim, because the experience at that time is still new, and then I don’t forget about it, but I didn’t I don’t deal with him anymore. I never look back, only forward – if I lived in the past all the time, I’d get frustrated, filled with a thousand problems, and never sleep, so how can I move on?!

“So you’re not feeding on your ex-swimming?”
– Not right. And in competitions it is necessary to forget about the past, it will be a great help even if I have to focus only on swimming …

– And then we got to the media questions again.
– Yes, because in the competition it should not be my business to talk about my swimming and what I lived in the pool …

Photo: Miklós Szabó

“But he’s actually talking to the fans there as well.”
– I know. Once or twice, it even works, but if I have to do a lot of interviews, it’s exhausting, because you can hardly stand on your feet, lactic acid is running inside you, and it’s very difficult for me to make a statement at that time.

– After swimming competitions, he appeared in several places and cheered for the world championships – for example, our jerseys. Did you enjoy this more? Absolutely: Can you let yourself go completely at this time?
“Did you see the hat on me?”

“Baseball cap?” Did you bring it up so that fewer people would recognize it?
“A lot of people don’t notice.” When I go somewhere to have a good time, I don’t like to be petted.

– He will probably have to do a few interviews during and after the continental competition in August. Have you decided how long we will count in Rome? And I’m not talking about medals here.
– I have butterflies 100 and 200, slopes 100 and 200, and 4×100 and 4×200 relays in my mind, but Baláz and I were only talking about the fact that this meant sixteen stepping stones.

– That’s a lot.
That’s why we’re still thinking about it – we’ll be talking a lot about it with my coach in the coming days.

“How will this be resolved?”
– I am open: I like to listen to Balázs, who is also mine, and then something will come out – the result will appear at the European Championships in Rome. I have goals, some of which I would like to achieve in the European Championship. The problem is that I am very impatient, I always want to achieve my goals as quickly as possible, but sometimes I have to sit down and think about a lot of things. But don’t ask me what I’m looking forward to, for I won’t tell you anyway, if it comes true, I’ll tell you anyway.

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It is getting higher and higher every year

2017 Big achievement: He first won the 100 butterfly race at the national championship last March, made it to the world championship team, and then impressed the world in championships on his own home ground, winning silver behind American Caeleb Dressel in Donna. Arena.
2018 “Swimming so stupidly… It was a shame to start so fast, which is why it didn’t end the way I wanted” – everyone was expecting Christoph Milak to win the 200 butterfly at the European Championships in Glasgow. Then Captain Chaba Soss stated that Christoph Melak could set the world record in the 200 butterfly. At the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Melak won the 200, 400 and 200 butterfly races, and won the silver medal in the 100 butterfly.
2019 The captain’s prediction came true: Christoph Milak won the 200 butterfly race at the World Championships in Guangzhou with a stunning world record (1:50.79). “I was expecting that world record a little later, and to be honest, a time of 1:51.4. With this 1:50.73, I did so poorly, everything else should come together to swim a personal record again…” Then he said.

2020 A year of total lethargy (almost) – Christoph Milak hasn’t necessarily been in a tough spot because of the pandemic: “I’m looking for shelters, the ones that turn me off – last year I’ve been very tired. I need to be able to quit swimming a bit. I love what I do, I have goals Seriously, but sometimes I feel like I’m pregnant. I don’t like restrictions.”
2021A gold medal in the 200 butterfly and a silver in the 100, but after his first final in Tokyo, we didn’t see Melak quite happy: before the last call room, he noticed he didn’t have his credential, and when he went back to get it, his swimming trunks ripped.. So he missed the new world record, but he was already very happy with the European record for the hundredth butterfly and the fact that he fought the American battle of Caleb Dressel.
2022 At the world championships in Hungary, she won first in the 200 and then in the 100 butterfly, and in the longest distance, she also broke her own world record to the past: Danube Arena fans can applaud her as well with a time of 1: 50.34 plus gold. Milak also applauded himself, and was also a little dissatisfied: “If you look at her from a purely professional point of view, she wasn’t a good swimmer at all, and she wasn’t smart at all.”