At the 93rd Oscars, the nomadic land, Minary, but also David Fincher Mank’s work in ten classes can be held. Follow us minute by minute, the biggest event in the world of cinema!

For his depiction of Judas and the lions in Christ.

“I wouldn’t have thought of it in my wildest dreams,” Thomas Winterberg started his letter of thanks, then modified, “More specifically, the truth is that I’ve been writing such letters since I was five years old.” There was also talk that the producers “did everything in their power to save this movie,” which in this case is by no means an empty slogan: Vinterberg’s 19-year-old daughter died in a car accident before filming began. Mads thanked Mikkelsen for the award, saying, “I made the best photography not only for the movie, but for my daughter.”

Winterberg then spoke honestly about the tragedy as well: “Four days before filming started, someone was browsing his cell phone on the highway and taking my daughter away from us. We miss her so much.” She said her daughter was in Africa when she read the script, “She was so excited, she loved it, it should have been in it. For her, we made this movie for her,” she said, then addressed her daughter, “You are part of this. Miraculously, maybe All thanks to you. “

Thomas Winterberg and wife Helen Ringard Newman


He pulled it! Vinterberg’s Oscar-winning movie.

Known as the actress in the Crown series, Emerald Fennel’s first production is the bravest, most surprising, bleakest, cruelest, and craziest – and one of the best of all Academy Award nominees. A neck-breaking serpentine train running through the ghost castle is the whole movie, not only its story, but also its visual, cut, rhythm. For a while it isn’t even possible to know what’s going on around it, but when we finally understand it, suddenly there’s another shift so great that a kick in the stomach just doesn’t compare to it.


If it could be endured for 113 minutes without air, one would watch this movie with a claustrophobic breath.

So, of course, it’s hard to write anything about the story without the spoilers; Let’s bear in mind that at the beginning of the movie, protagonist Carrie Mulligan is drunk to the brink of losing consciousness in a bar, and in a very shameful scene everyone knows how it will end, a man accompanies her house and tries to take advantage of her condition. And within two minutes, it turned out no, nobody had any idea how this scene actually ended – and how many more! Yes, Emerald Fenel talks about a topic that has been discussed a lot in recent years, which is the sexual exploitation of women, but somehow, in official language, with these screws, boldly that no one else might have done. All this with super funny and well-written dialogues, absolutely gorgeous scenes, and witty acting. He deserves every Oscar, but getting one is quite divisive.

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(In the last sentence, Alhamdulillah, we were wrong.) Here we wrote about the candidates:

These were the best films of the year – this year’s Oscars nominees, part two

The story of Nomad Land can be summed up in one simple sentence: Frances McDormand is walking down a beautifully photographed American road in a white truck as it sneaks almost unnoticed by some contemplative and sad songs of Ludovico Inaudi. But then why did you bring a bunch of big jackpots to the biggest prizes?

The Oscars this year are extraordinary in every respect. The Promising young woman Writer and director Emerald Fennell won an Academy Award for the original film’s screenplay. The the father Its writer and director, Florian Zeller, won the Best Adapted Screenplay award.

Both are current Oscar-nominated work for their first feature film.

Florian Zeller began speaking with “a big thank you, a great pleasure and an honor”, not very dramatically, and then, as excitement intensified, he thanked all the producers and everyone who participated in the film. Then he thanked Anthony Hopkins, “the greatest actor alive”, who “had dreamed of working with him.” As he said, the business wasn’t easy because he’s French, but he still runs it together. He told him, “It was the most impressive experience of my life to accompany you on this journey.”

By the way, Zeller recorded his arrival from Paris, and he was unable to fly to Los Angeles to attend the concert.


Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller wrote the script from the original play, which Zeller also directed.

Also included in Category 2 are Borat 2, Nomad Land, One Night in Miami, and White Tiger.

Oscar winner Emerald Fennell recently said in his thank you letter, “I haven’t made a thank you letter.” He then added to the statue the phrase “very heavy and cold”. “The only letter I wrote was when I was 10 years old, but unfortunately I can’t use anything from it now. I try not to cry, because English is not particularly difficult because we never cry,” she said, then thanked the producers, her husband, and Carrie Mulligan. Who is believed to be the kindest and most talented person on Earth.

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Emerald Fennell is a feature film, which has got its start Promising young womanElephant.

The winner is Emerald Fennell, director of The Promising Young Woman. He was also in competition:

  • Will Pearson and Shaka King (Judas & Black Christ)
  • Lee Isaac Chung (Minary)
  • Darius Marder and Abraham Marder (Metal Sound)
  • Aaron Sorkin (Chicago Trial 7)

Emerald Vinyl


Emerald Fennell from the Crown series might also be familiar, as he played Prince Charles’ lover, Kamilla.

Actress Regina King gave the first speech at the ceremony One night in Miami The director, stressing that as the mother of a black child, he considers it important that black artists be recognized as well. He also spoke of his happiness because now, for the duration of the party, attendees can take off their masks. Then the candidates were introduced. He had a good word for everyone.


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