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WWF: Will predatory farming start today in the Hungarian forests?

“The In a government decision
Relaxation is included to the extent that XX. Even in the 20th century, it only happened in unusual periods – far more dangerous than today – and with consequences that galactic forests have not fully recovered to this day – said Laszlo Galheide, head of the Hungarian Forest Program at WWF. “The increased demand for timber must of course be responded to in a period of crisis, as the volume of logging can temporarily increase. However, if we put aside all restrictions and make the best of our forests haphazardly in a short period of time, then the foundations of forest management for future generations will come to a halt. And to Besides all this, natural values ​​- including the wildlife of entire regions – may also suffer irreparable damage, and sacrificing them will not help in the short term to solve the energy crisis.”

Hungary’s WWF considers further logging to be an unprecedentedly risky move. Forest areas of good natural condition help protect against the effects of climate change, reduce the risk of flash floods, play a role in retaining water in the landscape, and protect against soil erosion. With unsustainable logging, we risk losing all of this and undermining the foundations of forest management in the following decades – the books of the Hungarian group of the international environmental NGO in his statement.

The government decided on this

Government decision on the application of the various rules necessary to ensure the requirements for firewood during an emergency

  • He comments, among other things, the ban on cutting down forests in the state forests of high nature.
  • Following the example of acacia trees, it eliminates the age of compulsory cutting of oak and beech forests.
  • From now on, it is enough to restore oak trees with sprouting after extraction. Natural forest cover does not need to be restored in places where acacia and other non-native tree species have been felled, even in protected areas.
  • During logging, it is not necessary to take into account the vegetation period, that is, the forest can be cut in its lush state and next spring even during the breeding season of birds.
  • State forestry companies can build so-called approach paths to deliver timber in the forest without official permission.
  • The minister can grant permission to cut down trees different from the forest plan.

The wood-burning stove should be insulated, not bought

“We are at a point where it is difficult to get not only firewood, but also combustion equipment. In other words, the trend is clear: those who have not yet heated with wood are now developing the possibility to do so. Lack of a residential energy efficiency program, which should have been implemented since Long time to announce, it is already coming home now that we are practically heating the street with a large part of the surplus harvested wood.In addition, even freshly harvested wood should not be called firewood, because it needs a moisture content of 20 percent in order to Efficient combustion, which can only be achieved after 1-2 years of drying. Heating will only exacerbate the poor air quality seen during the heating season,” added Ádám Harmat, Director of the WWF’s Climate Protection Program in Hungary.

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