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X Brexit Compensation: European cities and regions need more funding …

25.03.2021 – 10:24

European Group of Regions

Brussels (ots)

Increase the Brexit balance to 5 to 6 billion euros, support fishermen’s regional importance, greater flexibility in state assistance, and involvement of local and regional representatives in the design and administration of the new instrument: Adopted at the full meeting of the European Committee on Regional Cooperation (CoR).

The European Commission It is proposed to create a $ 5 billion Brexit adjustment reserve to help businesses, regions and groups severely affected by the UK exit from the EU. Germany This year, by Brexit adjustment balance, an amount About 455 million Euros, which is one of the countries that benefit the most from reserves. CoR welcomes the creation of reserves as a tangible expression of inter-European solidarity that contributes to economic, social and regional cohesion in a fully accepted sense. However, the panel calls on local and regional authorities to place themselves at the center of this new financial instrument, as the effects of Brexit vary widely from region to region.

In order to better meet short- and medium-term needs and to preserve synchronization as a core European value, the CoR concept put forward a number of initiatives:

– An increase in the overall allocation for the reserve 5 to 6 billion eurosIn order to be able to perform better for short and medium term needs

Raise funds for fisheries to ரோ 1 billion Exempting these funds from state aid rules;

Changing the allocation criteria for fisheries. Actual losses should be used, but not a proportional loss compared to the total fishing industry of an element country. Regardless of the size of the member countries, this will enable the best distribution of financial resources among the relevant European regions.

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Greater flexibility in state assistanceThis can provide a quick response in favor of the most affected economic operators. The provisional provisions for COVID-19 should be extended to the immediate effects of Brexit.

– Measures to mitigate the failures caused by the UK withdrawal from the Erasmus + project should be eligible for funding from Brexit reserves.

Mark Speech (DE / EVP), Secretary of State for Central and European Affairs and International Affairs of the North Rhine-Westphalia State said: “The Brexit Adjustment Reserve is an urgently needed tool to address the damage to companies badly affected by Brexit. It is not just about fisheries, it is about many sectors of the economy. Important. “

Reporter Lok Chesnais-Girard (FR / SPE), The head of the Brittany region said: “Fortunately, most regions with close ties to the UK did not wait to ease the impact of the final form of the Brexit agreement last December. However, until now, they have felt isolated. I fear this reserve must be used regionally to be truly effective. Its regional restoration is very important not only in repairing the damage caused by Brexit, but also in switching and creating new opportunities – especially through vocational training. “

Lok Chesnais-Girard is also the chairman COR-United Kingdom Contact Group, Which was set up in 2020, will see to it that the political dialogue between the two sides of the English Channel does not break down.

Antje Grothir (SPE / DE), Bremen Citizenship Vice President said: “Prior to Brexit, the UK was Bremen’s third largest trading partner, and hundreds of companies had close business relationships with companies there. This is best done domestically. The regional dimension of the Brexit adjustment balance needs to be strengthened by EU lawmakers, so ensure the use of funds involves the regions’ close involvement in planning and implementation. “

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Member of the European Parliament Pascal Arimont (BE / EVP) And Reporter for the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, who took part in the full discussion and underlined: “We need to make sure that EU aid reaches the countries, regions and peoples most affected by Brexit. European companies, especially those already affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and especially SMEs, should not be doubly responsible for the Brexit failure. Can. “


Following the agreement reached by the European Council in July 2020, the European Commission was set up in January 2021 Your recommendation For a reserve of 5 billion euros to fix Brexit. The financial instrument should be available in two allocation rounds, 2021 (Euro 4 billion) and 2024 (Euro 1 billion). Gore proposes to increase the second installment from Euro 1 to Euro 2 billion.

According to the commission’s proposal, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France and the Netherlands would be the main beneficiaries of the reserves. Taken together, these are The six member states will receive nearly $ 3 billion in the $ 4 billion advance funding available by 2021..

In February 2020, it was decided to form a European Committee of Regions Contact Team Political dialogue can continue even after the UK leaves the EU by maintaining the relationship between the EU’s local and regional authorities’ representatives and the UK’s decentralized administrations. The CoR-UK Liaison Committee is headed by Lok Chesnais-Girord (FR / PES).

The CoR delegation consists of 12 members and one observerSelected with politics, geography and gender balance in mind. UK representatives on the Liaison Committee are elected on the basis of agreements between local and regional authorities and agreements between the UK’s decentralized parliaments, assemblies and governments.

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