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Xbox Series X mini cooler will be available for pre-order soon

Microsoft has really taken advantage of internet memes: “Ah, so you think the new Xbox Series X console looks cooler…then let’s sell a cooler that looks like that” — approx. This is Redmonds’ line of thought.

It’s a good big size fridge cabinet, not 1:1, for the kitchen (we’re looking at Microsoft to make that happen…it’s only a matter of time), it’s a mini fridge. It all started in earnest as a meme, but during its E3 presentation Microsoft had already made it clear that it would be releasing a device that started out as a joke, but could still be called a proper marketing solution, which it created with Ukinoc! LED lights and their surface is like deception Xbox Xbox Xto me.

The Xbox fridge can hold up to twelve cans of drinks and has two shelves installed in its door. At first we can find a USB port and we can connect it to the network with a DC adapter, so we can take the cooler with us, which is sold exclusively by Target in the United States for $100 (about 30 thousand fort ). In Canada, it’s available from the Xbox Gear Store (and the refrigerator will start shipping there in December).

The Xbox Series X replica mini cooler will be available for pre-order starting October 19 and going on sale internationally in December. It will also be available in many countries in Europe. In the UK, GAME sells for £90 (about £36,000); In France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland, it will be sold through European GameStop, Micromania (mainly for the French) and Amazon, which will soon launch in Hungary. Unfortunately, we don’t know that you will be able to sell the refrigerator in Hungary, which is likely to be on sale for a minimum of HUF 40,000 due to the profit margin – if anyone is actually going to import the device.

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Microsoft says it wants to make the small cooler that enables the look of the Xbox Series X available to as many people as possible, and is promising regional sales from 2022 onwards. So maybe we’ll only be in stores sometime next year…

Source: VG247