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XCloud no longer requires a browser

The platform will be integrated into the existing application, providing some additional facilities.

Microsoft has been working hard these months to expand and expand its game streaming platform, although this is only happening as part of a beta program for now. It has now been announced that PCs no longer need a browser, and members of the test program can also access the system through the Xbox app.

The company recently indicated that it will also port the service to TV, and it’s now official notice We can read that on PC we can no longer use it only through the browser, as the current application will provide the same (and even slightly expanded) functionality from now on. With this, Insiders can access about a hundred existing games, no matter how powerful or new the PCs are, simply by running the app. These are powered by hardware located in data centers so the task of streaming the games we use is our own configuration.

According to the detailed explanation and attached comment, the app offers some progress compared to browsers in some areas, providing easily accessible information about the console, network status and social features, not to mention inviting other players, which is also true of our peers who also manage this development through the cloud . However, we will still need to be a registered member of the Insiders Program, and we will also need a subscription called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as this will provide convenient access to games managed by the platform.

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In Hungary, the last item is the biggest hurdle, as Hungary is not yet on the list of supported countries – hopefully that will change soon.