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Years later, too, the owner took home The Game Awards!

Celeste developers, sweeping up the Best Indie Game category in 2018, had to wait a few years for The Game Awards…

2018 was still a different period, and it’s a question of whether we’ll ever get back to normality back then. Whatever it is, PrestigeIsKey, a YouTube player aka Ryan B., is a huge fan of The Game Awards. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to get a replica of the trophy so he can put it on the shelf. That’s why he started sniffing on eBay, for example.

There he found a trophy of game prizes. But not a copy, but an original that was listed for $500. The seller had some interesting products listed (auto parts) that made Ryan suspicious. The fees, according to the listing agent, come from a bankruptcy source, but beyond that, there is no information behind the origin of the product. she he agreedfor $375 (120,000 forints) + postage, bought the packaging, which came as a surprise: it was a prize for Celeste from a 2018 show. The game won the best independent category out there!

That’s why he reached out to Celeste developers through the studio’s director of operations, Heidi Motta. The question was simple: Was the chalice presented or lost somewhere? Turns out Extremely OK Games didn’t even take home the award! It is alleged that after Ninja handed the trophy on stage during the awards ceremony, the organizers returned it and then mailed it. It could have been mixed up somewhere here, and the developers have long since given in to see their rewards.

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Moving into 2022, Extremely OK Games has got the package. Ryan offered to send it by the time the studio offered to cover the postage, as well as mail two copies dedicated to him from Celeste. So the story has a good ending, or live in a funny and unique way with a poorly executed English quote from a video game…

“Congrats! You are successful! (Bōsō Tokkyū SOS / Stop the Express, from this The Japanese version of MSX).

source: PCGamer