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You can go to Britain as a tanker driver until next Friday. Below are the terms of submission

The “Privilege for Temporary Leave to Work as HGV Driver” permit (roughly means: “Temporary Work Permit for Tanker Drivers”) applies to foreigners who do not have a visa.

For drivers who want to work in the UK with this licenceThey must present their documents upon arrival at the British border to immigration officials. There, on the spot, the border guards decide whether the driver can obtain a permit based on the documents submitted or not.

In order for someone to successfully obtain a license, both drivers and future employers have to do it. The Department of Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) requires a letter of approval to employ the driver.

Mendat so that the offer is valid only if The driver will arrive in the UK by 15 October.


  • Valid passportAnd
  • A license from the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland to drive heavy goods vehicles, particularly a fuel tanker (Class C or C + E license, and the Dangerous Goods Transport Accreditation for the transportation of fuel under the international agreement on
  • Heavy truck driver letter of approval From the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • per person on October 1, 2021 and 2021. Must arrive between October 15th To the UK to take up a job as a tanker fuel truck driver.
  • Proof of available funds (eg bank statement)

letter of approval

The letter of approval is used as evidence of the driver’s future employment.

To receive such a letter, the driver must apply for a job and have a valid job offer from a company before traveling to the UK. The employer must contact BEIS and request a letter of approval from the driver. BEIS checks with the driver’s employer and requests information about the driver.

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The employer must provide the following information about the driver before giving a BEIS approval letter:

  • the planned work of the driver,
  • Driver Qualification
  • Driver’s date of birth
  • Date and place of arrival.

What do the border guards decide?

Once the driver receives the letter of approval, he can travel to the UK. You cannot use the portal at the border, you have to turn to the border guards instead.

In addition to examining the necessary documents, the border guards must consider the following matters before issuing or rejecting the permit:

  • The driver already arrives at tWork as a car driverAnd
  • It is provided by the driver enough moneyIn order to support himself, to be able to rent accommodation (this must usually be confirmed by a bank statement)
  • That the driver is at the end of the license period Whether you want to leave the UK.

If the Border Patrol officer is satisfied with the documents and evidence and considers the driver to be eligible for the licence, he may enter the UK and work there as a fuel tanker driver with his designated employer. Until March 31, 2022.

The Border Guard has the right to refuse entry if it finds the evidence presented unsatisfactory. The driver has no right to appeal the decision.

final date

For tanker drivers Between 1 and 15 October They must come to the UK.

Other factors that drivers should consider before applying for a visa

a Relatives Not covered by work permit.

If the driver is authorized to enter and work in the UK, this permission It only applies to the work of a tanker driver carrying fuel for a specific employer. They cannot do other work.

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What does it take for a driver to obtain a licence?

If someone wants to take advantage of the opportunity, the first thing to do is Search for a job. Urgently. The best way to do this is to search online using one of the job search portals. Indeed, the biggest portals include Reed, CV-Library or Total Jobs.

The term “fuel tank driver” must be entered into the search engine.

Attention! In the UK, it is not recommended to attach a CV, date of birth and nationality. This data can lead to discrimination, so employers also avoid the possibility of being accused of something like this.

When applying, for example in a cover letter, it is worth mentioning the above-mentioned government work permit, and Attach a link to the official description: “Privilege to take temporary leave to allow work as HGV fuel drivers”.

Tell the employer about it He is entitled to this permission and to provide a link to the government website.

If you are offered a job and you agree to it, ask the employer to do so Contact BEIS as soon as possible And start looking for options for when and how to travel to the UK, as the time and place of arrival is required for the confirmation letter.

At the border, you may have to prove that you have enough money to live in the UK (that you will be able to pay rent and other living expenses). The most common proof of funds is a statement from the current bank. The UK government has not specified how much money will be accepted as “adequate”.

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Time is tight – the license can only be used by drivers who arrive in the country by next Friday.