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You can purchase the Schumacher family from the estate so that you can pay for the pilot’s food

According to Sagthrik, the Schumacher family manages a huge fortune to finance the sale of the three-time world champion, who had a serious accident in 2013, into a smaller fortune.

His accident occurred in December 2013 in Gland, Switzerland, in 2007, with Michael Schumacher’s family removed from the public, and practically under full investigation. The property with an area of ​​8 hectares is located on the shores of the Swiss Alps, which is located on the shores of the Swiss Alps and surrounded by a private garden and forest, and in all ways shows how important it is for the two-time world champion to be able to retire.

A Schumacher-villa a Genfi-t partjnForrs: Getty Images / 2014 Getty Images / Harold Cunningham

Schumacher spends his daily life here, he says, in a specially designed room, filled with police. It is not cheap to run, it is well worth the financing, and Corina Schumacher can now buy the German from the property Bright colors– According to the magazine.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Schumacher family had sold a property in recent years, as Corina had previously bought their vacation from Norway and sold € 35m to Magngpks.

a Bright colors According to the information, the ownership of Gland will be reduced by 58.7 million euros (about 20 million Ft),

British woman They suggested that the selling cost of Michael Schumacher estimated the cost of management at 56,000 euros (20 million fort, more than 1 million fort) per week.

Nobody knows the status of the seven-time world championForrs: Getty Images / 2012 Getty Images / Vladimir Reyes

At the same time, there is no accurate information about Schumacher’s treatments, but in the past there has also been Hrick They came to lightThey are involved in cell culture. However, it will almost certainly need constant monitoring.

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