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You can run a chocolate shop in the new game from Stardew Valley developer


But that’s not the only thing waiting for you in Haunted Chocolatier.

10/22/2021 11:35 | Dino | Category: game

The last ten years of Eric Baron’s life have focused on Stardu Valley In a game called. Mostly because he developed this farm RPG, which, despite being launched in February 2016, hasn’t stopped developing after that. There have been fixes as well as improvements based on player feedback, a multiplayer version, and different ports.

The developer, aka ConcernedApe, got there a little over a year ago to start something completely different. True, a new game is being created, a ConcernedApe Haunted Chocolate Maker At least on the outside, she has strong Stardew Valley hair. This time, the graphics are made in the spirit of pixel art – he’s still working on the project alone (he only plans to use transport and localization to help), so at least it saves resources, but also showed through the previous game that this style can be great. And there’s also an explanation for why he kept the new game a secret for years: He didn’t want to be under any pressure on it at the design stage.

The farm is a thing of the past, we have to run a chocolate shop in Haunted Chocolatier. And what do you look for in “haunted” in the sense of the word haunted in the title? Well, ghosts and ghost castles appear too, and this time we can use the energy of the moon in our work instead of the sun. However, Eric says ghosts take the mood in a more positive direction.

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And although Eric has been working on the game for a year, the concept isn’t final yet. So much so that we will have to collect ingredients, make chocolates and run a chocolate shop, but what else awaits us in the game, he did not reveal. As you type on the FAQ page, like Stardew Valley, it will be a ‘town game’ where you can get to know the locals too, but this time Haunted Chocolatier will be more of an action RPG trend than this previous game. Multiplayer is not expected to be included.

Haunted Chocolatier for PC is gearing up for the first round, but you’ll want to take Eric’s game to other platforms as well. However, a release date has not been set yet. ■

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