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You can run Windows 3.1 on iPad

In principle, anyone can install the operating system on Apple tablets.

Benj Edwards from the How-To Geek page on this topic mentioned That you can successfully install Windows 3.1 on iPads, which can then be used with a mouse and keyboard. All this allows users to do is license the operating system and play classic DOS games iDOS 2 They need an application. Edwards described the installation process step by step.

IDOS 2 currently costs €5.49 and has been available in the Apple App Store for years. The program creates an iDOS folder in the local file directory and the Windows 3.1 installation files should be copied to this folder. Anyone with genuine Windows 3.1 discs must first copy their contents to the iPad. This can be solved by using floppy disk drives with a USB connection.

A member of the How-To Geek team also described how to configure iDOS 2 to run Windows 3.1. Moreover, after the operating system is successfully installed, additional Windows software can be installed on Apple tablets. Applications can be downloaded from the Internet Archive System. Based on tests, even older games like Civilization II can be used on devices.

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