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You can surpass an important level by opening today on the Nasdaq!

The Nasdaq 100 is lagging well as shown in the chart below. During the period indicated by the red square, the index has performed significantly poorly, and as can be seen from the performance at the bottom of the chart, Meanwhile, the S&P 500 rose, so there was a significant divergence between the two major indices. This was brought on by the market in days as it tried to catch up with its hasty steps, leaving behind quite a few gaps (most likely the measurement).

Very well, it managed to break an all-time high in early April and then form a consolidation range. This indicates that Those who have bought in recent weeks, and have regained the relative strength somewhat, did not really want to sell and confidence in further growth. Thus the 13,800 former resistance became support. The moment the index moves up the range as more new buyers arrive, this can give the Nasdaq 100 a huge boost, not only a lack of sellers but also a strong presence of buyers will set the market apart.

For this The top of the bar, so 14,050 should be broken. Given that the futures market is already expecting an increase of 1%, this level may already be exceeded by the index when it opens. Moods due to the new absolute peak, plus reception stops placed above the resistance level, can further accelerate the rally. This is also a good time due to the cyclical nature of market sentiment fluctuations, the last time volatility was very low was in February, and even then there was a major shift. Additionally, this much quieter state has lasted for three weeks now, so a stronger wave is expected. Of course, not only the opening but also intraday trading will be an important indicator of continuation: in essence, it is worth paying attention to whether a long green candle, in this case at least 100 pips long, was formed at high traffic.

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Interestingly, the Nasdaq Composite Index, which covers the entire Nasdaq index, could also be minutes before breaking an important level. Here, the 14180 level is the important resistance above the previous maximum, So the entire market has not been able to overcome this, which means there is minimal delay for small companies compared to large companies. The scope of consolidation is also wider, giving a slightly less convincing picture, but nevertheless a breakout could open up a lot of space here in the coming weeks, and even months, although the latter is less due to the seasonal characteristics of the stock market. Possible.

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