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You can take easyJet from among a few seats on your planes so you can fly with fewer cabin crew

As the airline tries to raise its capacity to pre-pandemic levels, it is struggling with a significant staff shortage, so it has decided to increase its A319 fleet. By removing the back row of seats, you will be able to fly with three flight attendants instead of four.

This will increase the number of passengers on board the aircraft to 150.

According to EasyJet, this is an efficient way to operate your fleet while building “more flexibility” in operations. Basically, the company does not violate the rules of travel, because the minimum number of cabin crew does not depend on the number of passengers on board, but on the number of physical seats.

According to the airline, the last six seats are usually reserved in the last days before departure, so sales of up to 150 tickets won’t affect customers planning a summer trip.

The paper notes that UK airlines and airports have been grappling with staff shortages since Easter as travel sentiment picked up again as travel restrictions were lifted.

Although airlines are trying to compensate for lost employees at an accelerating pace, some experts say staffing difficulties could persist for up to 12 months.

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