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You don’t even recognize the star of 2018 X-Factor: Gabi Tamáska has changed a lot – the local star

singer from Székesfehérvár, Gabi Tamasca He was only 21 years old when he applied for RTL Klub’s talent show, X-Faktor.

The very eccentric and talented girl, supervised by Lacey Gaspard, took third place on the podium, Stolen Beat came in second, and USNK was in first place.

Gabi Tamasca in 2022

Gabe Tamasca sang Lucas Graham’s song 7 years after choosing the show, then sang her own song, Barholt, on another occasion. The audience has now listened to it more than six million times on YouTube.

Gabe Tamasca during the 2018 X-Factor.

Photo: RTL Club / X-factor

The young star quickly stole the hearts of music lovers and mentors, thanks to his sharp style and slightly eccentric personality.

A lot has happened to him since X-Faktor, for example he attended Kőbányai Music Studio, then founded a six-member band with his schoolmates. Their music features a mixture of new soul, hip-hop, pop, jazz and R’n’B genres.

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Her appearance has also changed a lot, during the show viewers can still see her with shoulder-length blond hair, colorful clothes and heavy makeup, but now she has changed her style.

At the moment, her locks are especially long, turning from brown to blonde. He likes the simpler, more casual, less fancy clothes, RTL Klub breakfast He came to his show in a simple oversized white shirt and black pants with pockets.

The singer at the RTL Klub studio in 2022.

The singer at the RTL Klub studio in 2022.

Photo: RTL Club/Breakfast

– I only started writing lyrics in the last six months, because I’ve always been that’s how you should be born a poet. Then I heard this and that, and I was like, Then I’m going to write a couple too. I just wrote 20-25, and said it’s only acceptable for 3 people – revealed in the broadcast.

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About Tamasca Gabe Few people know that he has an identical twin, so many people confuse him. His sister wears an intense black and white hairstyle, and she is tattooed from the neck down, so you can tell them apart.

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Cover Photo: RTL Klub / X-Faktor