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You go to England and you win four zeros – you have to explain it

The 20th national team was unforgettable: Andras Schaeffer was a member of the team that beat England 4-0 and told our magazine about the great atmosphere and the historic result.

According to Schafer, the goal is still to remain in the A-League (Photos: Karoly Orvay)

– Are you preparing for a reporter?
He replied, laughing, “Not at all.” Andras Schaeffer, Who, after the first game of the Falco-Körmend Basketball Tournament Final on Wednesday, questioned his friend Zoltán Perl, one of Szombathely’s best team, in front of the M4 Sport camera. “I love basketball, and on my way home from England I almost made my first trip. It was a spontaneous idea for me to ask Zoely, I think she was well baked.

(the video by clicking here, You can see it on the M4 Sport website!)

– I have been working in this field for a long time, but I have not yet experienced that a “colleague” is celebrated by fans like you …
– Wow, that was tough! It is with great pleasure that thousands chant my name.

– Did the people of Cormend live it?
There are a lot of people from Kormend in Sumbatthele, including quite a few friends. I hope they are not blown away… Seriously: It was great to feel the love that surrounds the national team. The atmosphere these days is amazing, at least as great as it was during the European Championships. My risk is a little higher because our good performance is paired with better results this time around. There is still a lot of congratulations after the European Championships, but I’m not exaggerating that there have been a lot of lovely messages in recent days. giddy!

– A miracle happened to the Hungarian national team between the fourth and fourteenth of June?
– I wouldn’t say that. No one who watched the four matches can claim that we scored seven points without merit. Sure, we exceeded expectations, but we did fair to those seven points. We didn’t beat England twice and we didn’t draw with Germany by finding a goal and then pushing the bus in front of our team’s goal, but by playing well. Although it may just be bias speaking to me.

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– I don’t believe in that. From the outside, too, the man had the feeling that the team dared to play football.
– This is correct! What we put on the table, we are especially proud of! Anyone can come by saying that the League of Nations is not important to this or that national team, it is not true! I haven’t even met a soccer player who wears a coat of arms without trying to get the most out of it. You may be able to relax in football among friends, but not in the national team!

“Did a foreign meeting against the English take it all?”
– Absolute! You go to England and win 4-0 – needs explaining?! The other three matches also had their value, but Wolverhampton undoubtedly aspire to the top of the podium. And looking at the table is incredible! And also how far the world has turned to us in two weeks. Before the start of the series, everyone felt sorry for us, even my very ordinary colleagues from Germany let me go, it’s good to somehow scratch a point. To their credit, they were constantly congratulated on the road, and before the meeting against Germany they wrote how sorry they were not to be able to enter the stadium due to the ban. Of course, ziccer didn’t lose sight of after Tuesday’s game: they complained about why I didn’t get injured in the yellow in England…

Participants in the world rankings of the world rankings may return to Hungary
Based on a points system developed by Árpád Él, an American sports leader and physicist of Hungarian descent, they compile the FIFA World Rankings, according to which national teams receive or lose points after each match, depending on the final result – one point for wins and one for a draw. , but the meetings are arranged in eight categories in order of their importance, and have different complications accordingly. And in the last ranking issued in April, the Hungarian national team took 40th place, improving its position after the defeat to Serbia and the victory over Northern Ireland. MisterChip’s Twitter page is counted as a national team in the League of Nations You can advance up to 3 places on the leaderboard before you upgrade (The new may be published in the next few days), as the final results of matches between April 7 and June 14 are also calculated – if his expectations are met, our team will be ahead of seven World Cup participants, Cameroon, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Ghana will close in June June.


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“We spoke before the game against the Germans, and he made no secret of his disappointment at not being able to play.” Did fate replace England match?
– We are receipts, yes. Especially since ninety minutes in Wolverhampton is the culmination of my career so far. Something suggests that others are like that. Yet we wrote history! When I think about the last time the England Golden Team won before us, the chill shakes. His heart is the national team, everyone is in him, so what this match gave us, we couldn’t have gotten more from football. The plus was the celebration shared with the masses, I had never had such an experience on a national level. The English whistled for us, it showed us, but as we sang the national anthem before and after the game, there are no words for it.

– A great photo was taken after the bombing: smiling in the company of Odam Szalay and Dominic Zuboszlai, and the choreography seems to indicate that they form a quadruple standing on one leg …
“It’s a good idea, but that’s not all there is to it.” As for the situation: This is one of Erling Haaland’s goals. And our story is that before the game, it was so liberating that we talked about driving with three goals, going into the scene. Hearing this, Adam Szalay said that he is four, and if there are already many, he will stop in the starting circle. The four got together, but by then Adam and Dominic had been replaced, but during the celebration I told them to come, guys, let’s do it! Before anyone could be misunderstood, it wasn’t arrogance that came out of us before the game, even in our wildest dreams, we didn’t think we’d win with three or four zeros. We knew and we still know who we are and where we are. Only the results of the last period have given me so much confidence and serenity that we had the mood even before the silver medal match at the European Championships.

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Half of it is no joke: they outsold their famous competitors by two periods before closing.
“Our goal is still to stay in the league.” It’s fine as long as we’re on the ground. It’s not like either of us is flying away. We are good mentally as well. Obviously we don’t win every game by four goals, but I feel like this team is together terribly.

“I guess you’re looking forward to September 23rd, match day in Germany.”
“Of course I’m waiting, but I won’t run yet.” I got ten days off, trying to take advantage of it, then head to Berlin! I have a beautiful spring behind me at Union, but I trust you for a nicer fall. I will do my best for that.

– Do you just tell who will win the basketball final?
– I wish it was Falco. I used to say that if there was a road, the gold should go to Szombathely, and if not, then to Körmend – the point is to stay within the county.

– This wish has already come true. Any other desires?
“If we continue in the fall where we left now, I’ll be happy about it.”