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You’re throwing your mind out of this trailer, Doctor Strange 2 is coming

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is clearly one of the most anticipated works of recent years.

Over the years, superhero movies have become very fashionable, breaking records at the box office. Coronavirus has rewrote plans quite a bit, and the production premiere hasn’t been delayed, not even a bit.

We’re slowly recovering from this, but it’s not easy getting people back to movie theaters, as many have realized they can get a serious experience back home through streaming providers.

Just think of Netflix, HBO, Disney or Sky… The show is huge, and Hungarians can be happy with that too. Of course, the cinema experience is hard to beat, so it’s still a good idea to leave the house and watch the action on the huge screens.

The studio expects Robert Pattinson’s Batman to bring in at least $100 million in revenue with his debut

Dr. Strange is also very seductive in the multiverse of Madness, and we’ve been waiting a long time to continue, regardless of the fact that the character of Doctor Strange hasn’t appeared in a superhero movie since.

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