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Zelensky on the EU: We need more, and this is not what we expect

The Ukrainian president commented with disappointment on the statement after the European Union summit in Versailles.

At dawn on Friday, after the meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union in Versailles, a statement was issued on Ukraine confirming that the country “Belongs to the European familypromised to further strengthen ties and partnership, and submit a formal application for EU membership at the end of February, according to MTI. “All that has been said is that they are waiting for the European Commission’s report on this, as required by the EU treaties.”

The President of Ukraine responded in a video message

We know what was said in that meeting. who talked. of our support. who listened. Who sought to include in the Declaration a formula that would not suffice for Ukraine, Europe and our common freedom? ” Quote ATV from Zelensky.

How do we assess what happened? Simply put: you need more than that. This is not what we expect.”

said the Ukrainian president.

Ball in the European Commission

According to the President of Ukraine, it is necessary that the decisions of politicians are in line with the expectations of the peoples of Europe. “We know what the people want. They know, every politician knows.” – He confirmed that 60% of the EU’s support for Ukraine is in the EU.

Our case will now be on the table of the European Commission. The union must do more.

The President of Ukraine confirmed.

Opening image: EyePress News / AFP