Thousands of people had to be driven away by the flames.

Forest fires ravage southeastern France near the Riviera. The flames that broke out on Monday had already consumed more than five thousand hectares BBC. According to the news, 900 firefighters are working to reduce the fire, assisted by 120 police officers.

Thousands of people have already been evacuated from the bonfires near Gonfaron. Among them are many tourists. The authorities evacuated seven camps, many of which had already burned down, many of whom were given only minutes to leave.

The temperature in the area is 35 degrees, and the fire is ignited by high winds.

BBC presenter Geeta Guru Murthy, who told the news portal of the media that they had to escape the flames on foot, was also vacationing in the area. Originally, they wanted to get to Cogolin by car, but the road leading to it caught fire quite a bit. “We tried to turn around, but our car got stuck in a ditch, so we had to run a mile in the only direction we could go. The fires were burning high on both sides of the road.

In Greece, too, another wildfire has destroyed, hundreds of firefighters battling northwest Athens are battling the flames, and more and more villages have to be evacuated. Vaccination is also carried out by helicopters and planes.

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The fire began to spread in the area on Monday, shortly after another fire broke out in a forest southeast of the capital.

In August, hundreds of forest and bush fires ravaged Greece. The rapid spread of fire was facilitated by the intense heat and drought. Authorities said there may be arson in the background of bushfires in some cases. Two suspects were arrested on Tuesday.

Even in southern Portugal, hundreds of firefighters are trying to put out the flames that have forced dozens of people to flee in the Algarve region.

A recent report by the United Nations Although the climate catastrophe can still be stopped, there is much more to be done than is currently the case.

Forest fires were burning in 56 places in Greece at the same time

Athenians were urged to stay home because of the toxic fumes. The Olympics were saved, hundreds of people were evacuated from the island of Evia.

Heat record after forest fires: Spain also suffers from flames


So far, hundreds of people have been evacuated from the bushfires.