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Zhvg: “Do not hesitate to fly,” says the British government’s environmental plan

They report that domestic and international flights could be carbon-neutral within a few decades. Environmentalists find the proposal ridiculous.

Environmentalists were quite surprised by the British government’s plan to make the entire economy carbon-neutral by mid-century. The Green Report recommends citizens to fly safely, because by 2040 domestic flights, and after ten years, international flights will also be CO2-free.

“We are convinced that we can reduce carbon emissions from international flights to zero by 2050 – . said BBCto Grant Shapps, Secretary of Transportation. “There are already hydrogen-electric aircraft in the atmosphere, and even sustainable jet fuel is there,” he added.

With 90 per cent of emissions from travel coming from cars, the UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onwards. As of 2040, factories could only produce trucks powered by electricity or hydrogen.

“The goal of decarbonization is not to ban things, but to create new alternative means without changing activities.”

Environmentalists say the plan is ambitious but unfounded. To stop global warming, there are far fewer cars and planes to travel, which people will not understand through such communications.

In any case, Airbus wants to launch its first hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft by 2035, so the British plan isn’t entirely out of the question.

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