The bear attacked one of the shepherds’ cows, so they tried to chase him. The surviving wound was bitten by several fingers of the animal.

A shepherd attacked a bear last night in the northeastern outskirts of Harghita district. A 26-year-old man lost his life and his partner was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Moorish county shepherds tried to drive away the bear in Harghita county, as they attacked a cow they were supervising. Then the bear chased after the three shepherds. The 26-year-old ran into the woods. Gendarmeriemen found his body on Saturday and alerted to the scene about 300 yards from where he was last seen.

The other shepherd attacked – a 45-year-old man who was very seriously injured. He was taken from the mountain by ambulances to Suceava County. He underwent a seven-hour operation in the hospital in Iai. The man sustained severe skull injuries, multiple facial fractures, abdominal injuries, and the big game bit off several fingers. The third shepherd survived the attack unscathed. Alert the ambulance.

Environment Minister Barna Tankzos announced at a doorway on one of the community gates Saturday evening that the Hargeita County Gendarmerie, Environmental Guard and Environmental Protection Agency have prepared the necessary documentation to allow bear shooting, based on an emergency situation. A government decree was adopted last week.

The Ministry of Environment is continuing the necessary steps to solve the bear problem in Romania. The Minister wrote: We have put in place a legal framework for immediate intervention in populated areas and are taking further measures to reduce human bear encounters to protect both the population and the species.

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Minister Dancing Brown has come under fire from animal welfare organizations over an emergency government decree this week that cuts red tape and allows bears that attack humans to be shot or electrocuted and moved elsewhere within 24 hours.

In Romania, bear populations have been multiplying since 2016, the Ciolos government has also banned bear hunting, which controls the population. Previously, the Ministry of Environment issued a permit to photograph 400-450 bears annually. According to a stock estimate commissioned by the Ministry of Environment in the spring of 2019, the number of wild bears in the country ranges from 6,450 to 7,200. According to the Action Plan for Bear Conservation, issued in 2018, the optimal number of large carnivores in the habitat of large carnivores with an area 69,000 square kilometers in Romania would be 4,000 from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

The bears are already in stock here and we have to decide what to do with them

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The increasing frequency of “bear watching”, the resettlement of lynxes and wolves in Hungary predicts an increase in the number of human-animal conflicts.

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The bear problem in the Roman spa town is becoming increasingly intolerable. Animals stormed homes, squares and boarding houses, and locals feared that if the county and national leadership did not urgently find a solution to the problem, the tragedy would end.