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Zoltán Miller’s wife is a beautiful woman: he is always a fan of Bernadette on TV – the Hungarian star

Zoltan Miller In 2016, he met Bernadette Fago at the Madach Theater when they tried Les Misérables. She immediately drew her attention to the beautiful actress. During the training process, they became more and more close to each other, and at the end of the training, they felt that their arms were more than just friends.

Then the 48-year-old actor and singer knew what to do and started flirting. It was in April when they met and got married in December.

Zoltan Miller’s wife

Zoltan Miller and his wife Bernadette Fago live in great happiness and harmony, and do not mind being tied together by work. To this day, they both play in the musical The Miserable, and in January 2022 they became Hungary, I Love You! The captains of the permanent team of the competition.

Photo: MTVA / Nikolett Kaszner

– It’s a gift for me to be able to spend time with my wife during filming, we get excited together, play together, help each other with work. We can also show viewers the family togetherness we live in. We are just like home in front of the cameras. We don’t have to play anything, just give up. Zoltan Miller said: If we feel upset, we dare to show it in the same way as our joys. a story magazine.

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“Viewers also knew my wife through the more dramatic musical roles, but now they can see her great sense of humor. And of course how beautiful she is.”

When I see him on TV, I always admire him over and over again.

At home, they usually look back at the TV, they especially like this joint program. Only once was the actor in a bad mood and did not want to watch TV together, but his wife resolved the situation.

– Hungary, I love you! We looked at the first part together, then more parts after that. I once said I was just watching conferences and wasn’t in a really good mood, but Byrne got scolded and we hung out in front of the TV. In vain I knew what was going to happen, I was interested in everything, and in the end my mood was fading away. I also thanked my wife for not letting me go because I was in a very good mood by the end.

Zoltan Miller’s son, David

Known as an actor, Dávid Miller later became the Morning Presenter in March 2020, and in the fall of 2021 he introduced himself to the RTL Club as a presenter for The X-Factor, on the tenth anniversary of Season 10. As a musician, his solo career has also become more successful.