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Zsófi Szabó’s love, Shane Tusup, made a serious promise to László Palik

Shan Tusup gave an exclusive interview to László Palik, who has already established a tradition in this style of interviewing stars while running.

László Palik keeps his promise and makes several videos with his employees on a weekly basis. With that, they chop their ax into a very big tree, because it’s really not a weekly video material, and there is a lot of work behind it.

They also keep the rhythm, and post a lot of good video material on the channel, which is The world of palaces for mana got a name. The channel will slowly have 7000 subscribers, but views are always more important.

There are a couple of prominent numbers, for example Interview with Schobert Lara and Norbika slowly reaches 170,000 views, but the joint recognition of Edina Kolksar and Ksote also exceeded 80,000. Recently, Shane Tosop, a partner of Zsófi Szabó, was interviewed.

It was an interesting and informative conversation between the two of them, mostly about what Tusup’s job as a coach is, the challenges he’s faced over the years, and what the aspects are.

We have also known for some time that he studies Hungarian, and not just because of Zsófi. You want to give speeches in Hungarian, talk in Hungarian with fans, etc. Moreover, in a year he will be able to give an interview to Palik in Hungarian again.

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