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Zsombor Berecz defended his title in the European Championship

The Hungarian glider won the gold medal at the European Finnding Championships in Portugal.

According to the Hungarian Federation website, the Olympic stake, the world champion Hungarian sailor in 2018, can expect the final day of the race on Friday, finishing fifth in the first race – in ninth place overall, thus defending the European Championship. The title regardless of his position in the tenth race.

The result is not official yet, and it will be just hours after the final race ends, any protests discussed, the official results list published, and the award ceremony.

Peric started well in the Continental battle, taking the lead after the first day with fourth and fifth places. He then sailed less on day two, slipping back to second overall in ninth and tenth positions, but regained the lead after the third day of racing, finishing sixth and then seventh. Then on Thursday he took a big step towards the gold medal as he won both races,

On Friday, he took an unbeatable advantage, outpacing Olympic gold medalist and four-time world champion Gilles Scott of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the battle website, the third place was taken by Nils Theunink of Switzerland.

The value of Perez’s success is bolstered by the fact that he did not start with his first ship and sail, and saw the European Championships primarily as a preparation for the Five Ring Games.

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