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Zsuzsa Koncz received cursing letters for tons of miniskirt

Zsuzsa Koncz is one of the most famous singers in Hungary, who has been in the field for six decades. The pop singer with awards Kossuth, Ferenc Liszt and Prima Primissima is widely loved in Hungary, but at first not everyone had a good opinion of her.

He is 75 years old

Born in Bailey on March 7, 1946, Zsuzsa Koncz was only 15 years old when she set out on the path to success. His first career announced by Hungarian TV Who knows what? He competed with fellow grammar school Ági Gergely, and they were so successful that they were the second place winners. A few years later, Tamás Banovich starred in These Young People, and by the 1970s, his albums were released as one of the most popular performers. The country is still a fan of the 75-year-old singer, although there was a time when many people criticized her – in fact, in the eyes of some, she was a real public enemy. Details in the gallery!

Zsuzsa Koncz became famous to the public with her waist-length black hair, which was her trademark. Many women envied her for her charming face, modern look and slender figure, men were totally crazy about it, but some people criticized her just because she was too alluring.

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Main photo: MTI / Balázs Mohai

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