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Zsuzsi Kollányi will never perform again with Majka: that’s why

Zsuzsi Kollányi will not take the stage with Majka and Curtis anymore, in addition to rappers, Nika has been the number one singer for a year now. But why did it end up this way?

Majka and Curtis have been giving concerts with Mónika Veres, i.e. Nika, instead of Zsuzsi Kollányi for some time, and now Bors follow, and with this it became official: a singer was changed, and Zsuzsira was no longer counted on stage.

In 2018, Zsuzsi left Majka illusion because of her pregnancy, but then it was only a temporary farewell – the following year the epidemic came, then the singer became pregnant again, which Majka could no longer stand, they needed a new man .

Zsuzsi KollányiPhoto: László Mudra – Origo
Curtis and Majka on stageInstagram

“A singer, no matter how strict, cannot only give birth, because her failure as a domino destroys the built system of work. Parties are left behind, those who worked with her, technicians, musicians are not. Paid. So the livelihoods of families are at risk”- It is to explain A Blikk Insider.

Meanwhile, Zsuzsi Kollányi is also gone anyway, we can already see a concert with his new line-up, his own and his solo.

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